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05 September 2010 @ 04:04 pm
Figured this should be posted here too for anyone who hasn't seen it.

21 July 2010 @ 01:36 pm
So Stefan was retweeting things today and a lot of people were telling him how bad of a ship Spemma and how shty that movie was. Now these were some of his replies:

(when told people hate him for Spemma happening) Ugh get over it already!

(When told they watched the movie 2 times and they want those hours back) Watch it a third time. Then you'll really be pissed! ;)

(When told the movie was the biggest fail in DTNG history and it shat on all the fans, this was said by me btw) kisses!!!

From a couple of days ago:

(when told no one falls in love in 3 days) one tear...

(once again when told they hate him for Spemma, will hate him more if its not fixed) guess you're gonna hate me for a while then....night! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(when told where is he getting all the positive feed back, everyone hates the movie) you open up the gates...

Heres my opinion: I think Stefan's ego is hurt because he helped make something thats 100% crap. Instead of acknowledging it, hes just being a prick and acting delusional. He's another one who has 0 respect for fans and its so... sickening and offensive.

Anyways, what do you think? Also I hope this is post is okay, I just thought we needed something new and I wanted to rant about this bastard.

In case you've never seen his twitter: http://twitter.com/stefanbrogren
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20 July 2010 @ 01:53 am
These aren't pretty because I just don't care enough.
'Sup, Spemma haters? You probably know me as DJO4ever from tv.com, which has totally gone downhill since you guys left by the way. Anyways, I can think of no better place to post this rant than here. I didn't even post a review for this movie because I was so enraged. It's not the idea of Spemma that did it; it's how they went about.

I've been writing Spemma for three years; they're one of four plots I have in my current Tobanny fic. I would've been perfectly fine with them. That is, until Holiday Road aired. I was shocked to see that the writer/producer of that episode used an extremely similar scene from one of my fics. It's the same event (barbecue), same location (Emma's yard), set-up for the same UC (Spemma), and the same fallout (Emma yelling at someone in her basement). Emma also ropes Spinner into fixing her bike tire, which is what she wants Kelly to do in HR. I hoped to God that it was just a coincidence. Not so. DTM airs and I see Spemma playing Horse! It's the same couple and the same game in my fic! Spemma playing Horse! Seriously? It's a bunch of bull. Brendon Yorke and Duana Taha are pathetic for doing such a blatant imitation of those two scenes. Duana Taha also wrote a scene where Holly J breaks into school with Declan for a romantic surprise...I wrote that using Tobanny. So basically what they did was ignore  a Tobanny package (we basically just asked for some friendship scenes in season 7, when it was mailed) and take what they liked out of the fics that are tied to it. These writers are desperate, DESPERATE, for material.

The same writer wrote Touch of Grey, which was widely hated by the fanbase so maybe they were even more desperate.

Then of course, there's a wedding in DTM. Get this. I wrote a beach wedding, where Sean is marrying Emma to move on from Ellie. Much like Spinner is trying to move on from Jane. The fic has the same location, on the beach. The fic has a Jay pep talk. Then, there's this from my fic: "She walks towards him in a silk, white dress, flower trim on the bodice, sleeveless, perfect." It's the same freakin' dress Emma wears to wed Spin. The only real difference is of course Sean, and  Jay being the pastor (great, the guy that gave you gonorrhea is marrying you to his best friend).


I never, never, EVER advocated for Spemma to happen.  I never have them get married. In fact, they take about five months to get official in that fic, and the kid Emma's baby-sitting asks if Spemma might get married one day and both panic.

These writers are such hacks. They will steal anything and attempt anything, with little regard to how fans feel. I'm going to put Stefan Brogren in here too. He asked who everybody's fave couples were. Semma and Spane were in the top 3. He asked why Spane was so popular since Jane had cheated on him. So what? The fans didn't make her cheat. Then, a CrAsh fan asked if  he saw a CrAsh album FF made for the Exec, and Stefan said he didn't like them. Who cares if you don't? Be diplomatic and say you didn't see it. That's not even the worst part. He launched into how fans of CrAsh and Sellie should move on. He just likes to throw his opinions at people. He came back about a day later and said the CrAsh fans did a good job. Third, somebody tweeted that they were still crying over J.T.'s death. He said "I doubt it". Who says that to a fan's genuine emotion? The fan wasn't attacking the writers or anything. I know a bunch of Jiberty fans jumped on the showrunners so maybe he's still bitter about that. Who knows with him? But hopefully you see what I'm trying to say. He does not care what fans say half the time or he twists it.

They will steal, slap any ship in the face, and disregard fan tweets left and right.

I'm totally not trying to be mean or uppity or bitter, but if you're going to do something drastic, be classy about it, you know? These are genuine emotions, thoughts, and packages coming to them.

I also kind of posted because I really want people to protect their fanfics. They will snoop in there. I know how hard writers work to do them, and to see them thrown up on a screen in a script that probably took less time to compose, breaks my heart. I would not wish what happened to me on anyone. That's the biggest reason I'm posting.

I hope this all makes sense and it's hard to be articulate when you're angry, but I'd rather get it all out. See you guys.
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19 July 2010 @ 12:52 am
I thought we should make a list of reasons why Spemma sucks, so far I've got 15. Comment and add to the list. I think we come up with at least 100, probably more than that.

18 July 2010 @ 10:08 pm
Welcome to the Anti-Spemma community. This community was created for the purpose of releasing your anger regarding Spemma and to bond with other people who feel the same way. This community can also be used as a form of therapy. We all want to forget that we never saw TROML/DTM so we can enjoy the old Degrassi episodes the same way we used to.

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